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How to Make a Coffee Frappé

at Home/ Frappé Recipe
How to Make a Coffee Frappé

Smile, you’ve got a coffee frappé mustache. And the best part is, you don’t care. Licking off the remnants of freshly brewed coffee and luscious whipped cream is a treat.

Seriously, the coffee frappé is one of the most beloved food and beverage inventions of our times. Part ice, part coffee, part milk or cream. What’s there not to love?

Go straight to the recipe

Coffee frappé, we believe historically, was invented when someone was told not to drink coffee after dinner and using all their culinary energy came up with a dessert that no one could refuse.

If you ever find that person, show them to us, we’d like to give them a big hug.

Coffee frappés have something that will delight every person you know. They’re fun, aim to please and if mixed with the right am ount of fine coffee, can pack you with more zip than a raccoon rummaging through Thanksgiving leftovers.

Whether you’re a tried and true aficionado of fine coffee or just wanna be sipping something throughout the day - you’ll always say yes to a coffee frappé.

Drinking a coffee frappé is like treating your tongue to a belly dance on a cool Arabian night.

But you don’t always have to be in the middle of an exotic location or overpriced coffee shop to enjoy one.

A great coffee frappé can be made in the comfort of your home.

Now, with Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods, you can make exquisite Frappés at home.

No coffee machines. No mess. Just the perfect gourmet Frappé fact, the very best one in the world.

What is a Frappé... exactly

The answer to that depends on where you are in the world. In France, it means coffee, ice cream and ice blended together. In Greece, like Bond's martini it is shaken, not strirred or blended.

Here, we are giving you the American version. But, fear not, we have many many recipes of Frappuccinos, smoothies and other yummy treats. (links given below)

The Authoritative Frappé

Grab some fine Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods of distinguished origins made using 100% Arabica beans, a bucket or three of ice that you have left over from your ice-bucket challenge days and let your imagination loose.

Any liquid coffee pods will do the trick. But we recommend using ones with medium to strong roast profiles to balance the sweetness with a bold and flavorful coffee.

We recommend using the Vilasita for a Frappé.

But if you really want to get an experience of travelling to heaven at first sip, try making the Frappé with the Nilgiris Organique or the fabled Malabar!

Order your own at

Caffè di Artisan liquid single-serve coffee pods take all the work out of making a Frappé, while delivering epic taste.

All Natural. Machine-free. Gut-friendly.

Plus it is the most eco-friendly coffee in the world, with 100% recyclable and widely recycled pods, zero effluents. So consume guilt free.

Zero power consumption by you (or your coffee shop) as a user. Remember, a coffee machine uses half a million watts a year in power. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s the exact recipe, with scientifically precise measurements.

Coffee Frappé Recipe

  1. Take 12 oz/360 ml of super cold milk and pour into a large glass.
  2. Add 2-4 spoonfuls of sugar to taste. Use sugar syrup for better mixing, though some of us like the crunch of sugar.

Tip: Sugar syrup is great for cold coffee drinks, and it keeps well in the refrigerator. To make sugar syrup, Add 1 cup of sugar and a cup of water to a saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes until slightly thick. Once cool, store it in an airtight glass jar.

If you want a flavored syrup, add a vanilla pod or some mint or any other flavoring to the pan.

  1. Froth the milk and sugar (with the Free Frother you get with your first order of coffee) until foamy.
  1. Add 1 or 2 Caffè di Artisan coffee pods.

Tip: For a true intense rush of cold Frappe goodness, use 2 liquid shot pods, as the drink volume for a Frappé is usually high at around 12 Oz. Of course, if you are using just 5 oz (125-150 ml) of milk OR if you want a milder drink, one pod will be quite enough.

  1. Mix in some extra crushed ice for a brain freeze along with a taste bud awakening.
  1. Top off with whipped cream, chocolate powder, sprinkles or whatever your Coffee Frappe loving heart desires that day.

Make a few dozen glasses of these on your first day of work, new home or just to get a caffeinated party started.

If you prefer a video recipe, here it is

...and there are many more cold Coffee Drinks you can make

This is the basic Frappé recipe but if you are looking for a fancy looking (but still simple to make) range of Frappuccinos, here goes:

Salted Caramel Frappuccino

Dates Frappuccino

Strawberry Frappuccino

Berry Frappuccino

If you had an Espresso-Ice-cream combo in mind:

Ice Cream with Hot Coffee (Affogato)

Healthy breakfast on the go:

Peanut Butter Espresso Smoothie

Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Chocolate Chia Coffee Smoothie

You can get all these recipes and many more in our free recipe book. Click here

Variants we recommend for the Frappé

The Indian Vilasita, the medium dark roast Indian Noir coffee. It is a full-bodied, spicy, buttery coffee with strong, velvety feel. If you use 2 coffee pods, the intensity will be strong, one will give you mild intensity.

For a top of the world feeling, use The Nilgiris Organique: Every bit deserving of its 200+ years old heritage. Organic coffee with intensity of a different scale. Flavors will burst upon your palate. Spicy woody overtones. Chocolaty undertones.

Intensity: Strong Roast: Medium Dark

The Malabar: the fabled iconic monsoon Malabar. Unique notes of the sea. Green beans are exposed to rain-laden winds on the coast, giving it a flavor like no other.

Intensity: Strong Roast: Medium Dark

Not to forget, if you are a decaf drinker, try making a Frappé with our DeCaffè. You will never be able to guess that it's decaffeinated!

Decaf Frappè is also a big hit with kids 😁

Why machine- made coffee isn't The Real Deal

Machine-made coffees simply don't cut it. Their whole process (or tech, as millennials might put it) is all seriously messed up.

Coffee machines force very hot water at high pressure through delicate coffee grounds, which is the reason for the burnt and bitter taste.

This is no way to treat something so vulnerable.

How can such violence, this savagery, yield great coffee?

Truly great coffee, extracted slowly and lovingly, does not taste bitter.

In the Caffè di Artisan micro- filtery flavors are teased out from coffee beans over days...not forced out.

Why we invented Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods

Why Drink Yesterday's Coffee?

You treasure quality. Embrace new approaches. Value the artisanal. Care for your health, the environment.

Then why drink an outdated, unhealthy, polluting industrial product?

Caffè di Artisan was born out of rebellion. A rebellion against machine-made coffee.

Can you crush grapes in a machine and get wine?

Caffè di Artisan has re-imagined coffee. Brought back its romance.

Want to know The Secret to The Best Coffee in The World?

(But first, a bit of coffee history: Coffee was never meant to be made by machines. It started out as a slow process. But an ugly compromise, a dirty shortcut, was invented in order to mass-produce coffee: the coffee machine. The Espresso machine was patented in 1884 - It was the start of the industrialization of coffee.)

The world's finest beans. Fresh, Gradient Roasted, Fresh Ground. Then, slow, artisanal extraction, over days in our artisanal micro-filtery.

Finally packaged into Liquid Single Serve 100% Recyclable Pods/Capsules.

Simply Gorgeous Coffee. Without Machines.

Coffee that's Rich. Smooth. Zesty. Described by Connoisseurs as being The Best Coffee In The World.

Tons of work for us. Magically effortless for you.

Enjoy Espressos, Americanos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Frappés at home, at work, in hotel rooms, on drives, hikes, picnics! This is True Liberation.

We promise you this:

Once you experience Caffè di Artisan, you won't go back to your old coffee. Ever.

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