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How to make an Espresso...or the Un-Espresso

That is, a Machine-Free Espresso Yes, you read that right!
How to make an Espresso...or the Un-Espresso

Italian espresso is synonymous with sun kissed mornings in the Italian countryside. When you think of Italian espresso, you think of Rome, Tuscany and Florence. Sounds of the opera suddenly emerge from within - and you never even liked opera!

A fine coffee, a luxury coffee has ways to change your mood that nothing else in the world can compete with.

The Italian espresso is so diverse, it has the power to energize your workday or fuel your wandering conversations.

Grab one and move on or sip a few over the course of a lazy weekend afternoon.

Relish the crema, imbibe the distinct flavor, the notes, and lavish your attention over the refined taste and experience the indulgence of it all as the aroma lingers.

But how do you make great tasting espresso from the comfort of your home or office?

Go straight to the recipe

At Caffè di Artisan, we have discovered the art of capturing the essence of the Italian espresso into unique home and travel-friendly liquid espresso pods.

Not your Office’s Espresso Pods

Espresso pods are of two varieties, ours and the rest.

Our coffee capsules are artisanally extracted over days and come to you in liquid single shot pods. They require no coffee machines at all.

Each Caffè di Artisan coffee pod when opened, will immediately resonate with the tasting notes as described.

Your refined palate will recognise the taste immediately as one that you may have had years ago in a specialty coffee shop in Italy...or more likely, only in your dreams.

Caffè di Artisan: The Modern Espresso...that takes you back to REAL coffee

You may think liquid espresso pods are a fad and one should not mess with a classic. But, history is a lot more complex.

Espresso Timeline:

  • 1884 - Angelo Moriondo invents the espresso machine
  • 1901 - Milanese Luigi Bezzera improves original design by adding a boiler and divisions to force steam for a faster brew
  • 1938 - M. Cremonesi to invent a spring piston to the espresso machine giving the world crema for the first time in their Italian espresso
  • 1961 - M. Faema added the electrical machine
  • 1976 - Eric Favre invents coffee pods
  • 2018: Caffe di Artisan infuses the soul of fine coffee back into luxury coffee pods

Think about it: sliced white bread has been around for over a hundred years but we do not call it the traditional, gourmet or the best bread there is, do we? Yes, it serves a purpose: that of speed and convenience.

So it was with the Espresso machine as well. The espresso machine was actually an industrial short-cut - to transform a labor of love into something that was fast and less labor-intensive. But there was a price to pay.

That's because espresso machines force very hot water at high pressure through vulnerable coffee beans. How can this violence, this savagery tease out subtle flavors?

The result is actually predictable: espresso/ coffee machines end up scalding/ burning delicate coffee beans and result in coffee that has burnt and bitter notes.

We have been falsely made to believe that this is the way coffee tastes but that is simply not true.

Espresso machines are really the outdated way of making an espresso. Imagine, making wine by crushing grapes in a machine.

Now you have an option: to drink espresso that is a labor of love...but is magically effortless for you.

This is exquisite, luxury coffee where each note has been gently teased out of coffee beans over hours and days. Slow coffee that is part of the slow food movement.

We have done the hard work, so that you don't have to.

But this is neither cold brew, nor instant coffee...this is a totally new tech. The biggest innovation in coffee in 130 years!

More on our story a little later. For now, all you need to know is this:

When you want to sip an Italian espresso at home, a Caffè di Artisan liquid espresso pod delivers an experience that Machine made espressos simply cannot match.

How to make a Luxury Espresso at Home. Without Coffee Machines

  1. Choose your Caffè di Artisan variant for your Espresso.
Recommended variants for Espresso: Niligiris Organique, Malabar, Vilasita, Brezè, DeCaffè.

Tasting notes and details of each are at the bottom of the recipe.

  1. Make sure the espresso cup is pre-heated by keeping boiling hot water in it for a couple of minutes, and then rinsing out the water completely.

This step ensures that your Espresso is just the right temperature for you to drink

  1. Pour out just about a teaspoon (5 ml) of the Caffè di Artisan liquid espresso podinto the pre-heated espresso cup.
  1. Using the frother you get free with your first order, whip up a nice rich crema/ foam in 3-5 seconds
  1. Pour outthe rest of the shot into the cup. Add about 1 oz (25 ml) of very hotwater to the shot. (Put just half an oz (10-15 ml) for a Ristretto)

Your Espresso is ready in just 15 seconds!

Tip: This gets you to the optimal temperature for drinking an espresso. However should you want it even hotter, you can zap the drink in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds.



If you prefer the recipe in video form here goes

Choice of variant

Here are our recommendations for making your perfect espresso. And remember, 'real' espresso is rich, strong, with a lingering taste...but never bitter or burnt.

The Nilgiris Organique: From the 200 years old Frowners estate in the Nilgiris (The Blue Mountains). Organic coffee with intensity of a different scale.

Flavors will burst upon your palate. Spicy woody overtones. Chocolatey undertones.

Warning: The Nilgiris Organique can be addictive...once you have had this, no other Espresso will ever measure up.

Intensity: Strong Roast: Medium Dark

The Malabar: The fabled iconic monsoon Malabar. Unique notes of the sea.

Intensity: Strong Roast: Medium Dark

The Indian Vilasita for a buttery smooth, spicy, nutty espresso with tasting notes of nutmeg, pistachio and cocoa.

Intensity: Medium-strong Roast: Medium Dark

Brezè: A dark, intense blend of select, premium South American and Asian beans. Complex, spicy notes that dance over the palate, and leave a lingering, heady taste in the mouth.

Intensity: Strong Roast: Dark

Not to forget, if you are a decaf drinker, try making an Espresso with our DeCaffè. You will never be able to guess that it's decaffeinated!

Liquid espresso pods, handcrafted by the coffee artisans at Caffè di Artisan, machine-free and healthy, are the future of espresso.

Why machine-made coffee isn't The Real Deal

Machine-made coffees simply don't cut it. Their whole process (or tech, as millennials might put it) is all seriously messed up.

Coffee machines force very hot water at high pressure through delicate coffee grounds, which is the reason for the burnt and bitter taste.

This is no way to treat something so vulnerable.

How can such violence, this savagery, yield great coffee?

Truly great coffee, extracted slowly and lovingly, does not taste bitter.

In the Caffè di Artisan micro- filtery flavors are teased out from coffee beans over days...not forced out.

Why we invented Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods

Why Drink Yesterday's Coffee?

You treasure quality. Embrace new approaches. Value the artisanal. Care for your health, the environment.

Then why drink an outdated, unhealthy, polluting industrial product?

Caffè di Artisan was born out of rebellion. A rebellion against machine-made coffee.

Can you crush grapes in a machine and get wine?

Caffè di Artisan has re-imagined coffee. Brought back its romance.

Want to know The Secret to The Best Coffee in The World?

(But first, a bit of coffee history: Coffee was never meant to be made by machines. It started out as a slow process. But an ugly compromise, a dirty shortcut, was invented in order to mass-produce coffee: the coffee machine. The Espresso machine was patented in 1884 - It was the start of the industrialization of coffee.)

The world's finest beans. Fresh, Gradient Roasted, Fresh Ground. Then, slow, artisanal extraction, over days in our artisanal micro-filtery.

Finally packaged into Liquid Single Serve 100% Recyclable Pods/Capsules.

Simply Gorgeous Coffee. Without Machines.

Coffee that's Rich. Smooth. Zesty. Described by Connoisseurs as being The Best Coffee In The World.

Tons of work for us. Magically effortless for you.

Enjoy Espressos, Americanos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Frappés at home, at work, in hotel rooms, on drives, hikes, picnics! This is True Liberation.

We promise you this:

Once you experience Caffè di Artisan, you won't go back to your old coffee. Ever.

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