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Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 10)

Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 10)

We are back with our next Volume of Luxe Coffee Reads and Views.From the informative to the heartwarming, the carefully curated pieces cover a wide range and we hope you will enjoy them all. They range from an American kid's willingness to adopt a Syrian 'brother' to the perils of genetic testing; from how today's super elite differ from the rich of another generation to whether civilization has tamed or magnified our violent instincts. So, pick up a pod of our award winning, luxury coffee, make yourself your favourite coffee drink - here's how and settle down to enjoy these Reads…


What are the New Global Elite like

F. Scott Fitzgerald was right when he declared the rich different from you and me. But today's super-rich are also different from yesterday's. There is less hereditary wealth, with more hardworking and meritocratic rich. They are pursuing ideas, more than just playthings.

On the other hand, they are less connected to the nations that granted them opportunity—and the countrymen they are leaving ever further behind. They display outsize political influence, narrowly self-interested motives, and a casual indifference to anyone outside their own rarefied economic bubble.

Whether they maintain primary residences in New York or Hong Kong, Moscow or Mumbai, today's super-rich are increasingly a nation unto themselves. Read on for an understanding of this phenomenon...


The Human Animal: Are we more, or less, violent than our animal peers?

A new study looks at rates of lethal violence across a thousand species to better understand the evolutionary origins of humanity's own inhumanity.

Which mammal is most likely to be murdered by its own kind? It's certainly not humans—not even close. Nor is it a top predator like the grey wolf or lion. The primates—the order that includes us, apes, monkeys, and lemurs—seem to be especially violent. It's likely that primates are especially violent because we are both territorial and social—two factors that respectively provide motive and opportunity for murder.

So how do humans compare with other animals we are closely related to? Has 'civilization' magnified or dampened our violent tendencies? Read on for the fascinating answers and why it is important to understand humans as an animal species.


Genetic testing fumbles,revealing 'dark side' of precision medicine

Enthusiasm for precision medicine, from the White House down to everyday physicians, is at an all-time high. We can now be apparently be tested for a genetic predisposition for all types of diseases from ovarian cancer to heart conditions, and supposedly treat them preemptively. But serious problems with the databases used to interpret patients' genetic profiles can lead to "inappropriate treatment" with "devastating consequences," researchers at the Mayo Clinic warned.

"Getting DNA sequenced is the easy part...It's the analysis that's the Achilles' heel of genetic testing." From error-ridden databases to unregulated algorithms used to interpret them, the risk of incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate treatment rises exponentially.


'We will give him a family':An american child's willingness to adopt a syrian refugee brother

Sometimes, in these times of travel bans and mutual distrust, a child can remind us of our shared humanity, with a willingness to open his heart and home to a distressed kid from across the world.

A few months ago, the White House released a video of a 6- year-old boy reading his letter to President Obama, offering to have 5-year- old Omran Daqneesh live with his family in America. A photograph of Daqneesh after his house was destroyed in Aleppo, Syria, garnered worldwide attention. "We will give him a family, and he will be our brother," Alex said.

Speaking of Alex's offer, Obama said: "He teaches us a lot. The humanity that a young child can display, who hasn't learned to be cynical, or suspicious, or fearful of other people, because of where they're from, or how they look, or how they pray. We can all learn from Alex."

On the subject of being suspicious and fearful, a vast majority of Americans overestimate the number of refugees who've been arrested on terrorism charges since Sept. 11, 2001. As of this summer, three refugees have faced such charges in the United States. Only 14 percent of Americans polled guessed that the number would be that low. Read on....

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