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Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 11)

Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 11)

A time honored tradition in this universe has been the yin-yang relationship between Coffee and Reading.

Caffè di Artisan recreates that cosy world for you, with its Luxury coffee, ready in 60 seconds, without Expensive, Complicated Machines...and these passionately curated Reads and Views. All from our in-house lovers of Coffee and Reading.

Ranging across topics like health, science, sports, parenting, politics, trivia!

Curl up with Caffè di Artisan and these Reads.


'I fell out of bed laughing': writers on their favourite funny book

From the classic to the contemporary, from those that induce a sardonic smile to those that will have you rolling on the floor, from childhood favourites to more nuanced adult fiction...they are all there. You are sure to find plenty of ideas to keep you happy. Read on


Can you rewire Your Brain to Become Fluent in Maths or a foreign language

What does it take to learn completely new things as an adult...or stuff you thought you would never be good at? Hear from someone who did it... "hard-won, adult-age changes in my brain have also given me an insider's perspective on the neuroplasticity that underlies adult learning." Interestingly, there are lessons to be learnt for childhood learning as well, including a place for rote learning. Read on


The man who uncovered the secret lives of snowflakes

We take it for granted that snowflakes are six-sided, that no two have ever been found to be alike. Here is the fascinating story of the man who discovered and photographed it more than a century ago.

Bentley's photographs, which are stored in a locked, climate-controlled room at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, are as breathtaking as the day he took them. Each glass plate contains a single, perfect snowflake that was caught outdoors in subzero weather, magnified under a microscope, photographed and traced by hand to reveal every detail of its filigreed form....


How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive Writing

We all think that tech devices have killed handwriting. But maybe the problem also lies elsewhere. Despite its popularity, the ballpoint pen is relatively new in the history of handwriting, and its influence on popular handwriting is complicated. A long-lasting pen with smudge free paper has come at the cost of some extra hand pressure and consequences for the hand-writing of succeeding generations. Read on for an interesting perspective.

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