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Affogato (Ice Cream or Gelato with Espresso)

Affogato (Ice Cream or Gelato with Espresso)


Affogato me? AFFOGATO YOU!

Chill. It’s cool. And it’s hot. It's a drink. And it's a dessert. It has bland flavors. It has a strong taste. 

For the ultimate Yin and Yang combination, we present...The Affogato! 

Affogato may sound like a word that you need to carry in your arsenal of Italian swear words with your local wiseguy, but really it is the classic pairing of rich creamy Italian gelato and expertly crafted espresso.

The gelato bit makes this one a little tricky. Is it a dessert or is it a beverage? You can decide once you’ve had it using our easy peasy single serve coffee pods to make one at home.

The recipe may sound simple, but the trick lies in using the perfect coffee. The Affogato has an interesting history which we will elaborate a while later...but first, the recipe.

Affogato Coffee with Nut Brittle

Serves: 1


1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream or Italian gelato

1 Caffè di Artisan coffee pod of your choice

1/4 cup hot water

For Garnish (Optional):

Nut brittle

Affogato step 1Affogato step 2Affogato step 3Affogato step 4Affogato final

Directions for Affogato:

  1. Add a scoop of Ice-cream or Gelato to the serving glass.
  1. Pour a Caffè di Artisan coffee/ Espresso pod to another cup and use a frother to froth it up. Add the hot water.
  1. Pour the coffee over the ice-cream and serve immediately.

For a delicious twist, garnish with this simple Nut Brittle

Directions for Brittle:

  1. Melt a 1/2 cup of sugar until the color changes to light amber.
  2. Pour onto a non-stick mat or non-stick paper and sprinkle with coarsely chopped pistachios or other nuts.
  3. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  4. Break into big pieces after removing from the paper.
  5. Place on top of your Affogato and serve.

 The Recommended Variants for Affogato

You can't do better than the Nilgiris Organique: Every bit deserving of its 200 plus years heritage. Organic coffee with intensity of a different scale. Flavors will burst upon your palate. Spicy woody overtones. Chocolaty undertones.

Another variant with an even longer history is the Malabar: The fabled iconic monsooned Malabar. Unique notes of the sea will perfectly set off the vanilla gelato...makes our mouths water at the mere thought.

Also, great for the Affogato are the Indian Vilasita with its spicy notes and the dark, brooding Brezè.

Now you can settle down with your personal Affogato to read a bit more about...the Affogato!

Origin Story

While no one can actually pinpoint its origin story, one thing is clear: the affogato has been delighting coffee lovers since all of 1992. 

The word affogato literally means drowned… which begs the question, who really invented this drink and are they presently incarcerated on charges of organized crime? Or maybe drowning a scoop of ice cream doesn't count as a capital crime.

Whatever the truth maybe, which we’re certain we shall never discover, the drink is a major win of putting together two great flavours to create a worthwhile dish.

One major drawback about the affogato, especially for espresso lovers has been that while they could spoon up these delights at their local café, they couldn’t have one on demand at home.

But what if you want to make an affogato at your own time and place? Maybe to impress a Significant Other...or maybe someone you hoped would become a SO.

Well, that’s why we started making the Best Coffee in the World packed in 100% recyclable coffee pods and are eager to teach you all the barista secrets on how to make coffee and Affogato at home. Not just with any old beans, but some of the best Colombian coffee, Brazilian coffee, Ethiopian coffee and many more from the coffee belt worldwide.

The moment our luxury coffee with a came into the world, it has been winning tastebuds globally. 

Afternoon Delight or Evening Spark

An affogato, by its very nature is a very sensuous dish. It combines bold flavor combinations with smooth and soft ones. 

Dripping hot espresso, layered creamy ice cream meld to form an absolutely sensational experience on your lips.

The next time you want to invite someone back to your place for some fine coffee, make sure you know how to prepare an affogato - after all, it sure beats plain old coffee as an after-dinner offering.

So whether you’re craving an afternoon delight or debating coffee or dessert post dinner, an affogato is your answer.

It is the perfect pre-date and post-date beverage… combining the energy burst of espresso with the soothing sweetness of vanilla gelato or ice cream.

It’s about time you learn how to make coffee at home. Caffè di Artisan specializes in machine-free coffee so you can whip one up whenever the mood is right.

Just grab a couple of our recyclable coffee pods, unwrap and you’re ready for action. Bring the rich taste of the café right into your bedroom or kitchen or living room. To each their own. Right?

You could even argue that Caffè di Artisan coffee pods are singlehandedly responsible for improving your romantic life by adding fragrance, taste and a touch of class to your dates. The best part? When you learn how to make coffee at home, you can do it however you want, wherever you want and in whichever position you please – clothing optional!

We do suggest, however, for sanitary purposes, that you keep the coffee pods (and other parts) tucked away until it’s the right time to use them. Don’t worry, you’ve figured out how to make espresso at home, you’ll sort the rest too!

Whip to taste

When you’re whipping up an espresso drink at home, you have the freedom to play around, a lot. You’re the master of your domain. 

As we've written earlier, our coffee pods come from a range of coffee farms around the world. Choose from Brazilian coffee, Colombian Coffee, Ethiopian coffee and many more. Each luxury coffee has unique tasting profiles from chocolaty to berrylicious. So each affogato too can be customized to suit your tastebuds. In the bedroom as in the kitchen, we strongly recommend experimenting to keep things fresh and engaging. 

There are also garnishing options for your sweet tooth. If you want to make the affogato more of a dessert then we strongly suggest something luxurious like nut brittle to top it off with.

If you choose to keep it tender, bold yet simple, then use minimalistic ingredients and make the prep easier on yourself.

Why Caffè di Artisan Coffee Pods?

Our taste tests and audience reviews have proven repeatedly that our recyclable liquid coffee pods taste amazing. You too will be blown away with the taste. Plus the fact that there was no machine involved in prepping their favourite espresso drinks.

If you want to surprise your guests, whip up the affogato first and then show them the pods. Trust us, it gets them every single time.

Now, one last thing before you move forward. As you know, the affogato is considered both a drink and a dessert. So be sure you serve it with a spoon for those who would rather scoop than sip this decadent cup of goodness.

Why machine- made coffee isn't The Real Deal

Machine-made coffees simply don't cut it. Their whole process (or tech, as millennials might put it) is all seriously messed up.

Coffee machines force very hot water at high pressure through delicate coffee grounds, which is the reason for the burnt and bitter taste.

This is no way to treat something so vulnerable. 

How can such violence, this savagery, yield great coffee?

Truly great coffee, extracted slowly and lovingly, does not taste bitter.

 In the Caffè di Artisan micro- filtery flavors are teased out from coffee beans over days...not forced out. 

Why we invented Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods

Why Drink Yesterday's Coffee?

You treasure quality. Embrace new approaches. Value the artisanal. Care for your health, the environment.

Then why drink an outdated, unhealthy, polluting industrial product?

Caffè di Artisan was born out of rebellion. A rebellion against machine-made coffee.

Can you crush grapes in a machine and get wine?

Caffè di Artisan has re-imagined coffee. Brought back its romance.

Want to know The Secret to The Best Coffee in The World?

(But first, a bit of coffee history: Coffee was never meant to be made by machines. It started out as a slow process. But an ugly compromise, a dirty shortcut, was invented in order to mass-produce coffee: the coffee machine. The Espresso machine was patented in 1884 - It was the start of the industrialization of coffee.)

The world's finest beans. Fresh, Gradient Roasted, Fresh Ground. Then, slow, artisanal extraction, over days in our artisanal micro-filtery.

Finally packaged into Liquid Single Serve 100% Recyclable Pods/Capsules.

Simply Gorgeous Coffee. Without Machines.

Coffee that's Rich. Smooth. Zesty. Described by Connoisseurs as being The Best Coffee In The World.

Tons of work for us. Magically effortless for you.

Enjoy Espressos, Americanos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Frappés at home, at work, in hotel rooms, on drives, hikes, picnics! This is True Liberation.

We promise you this:

Once you experience Caffè di Artisan, you won't go back to your old coffee. Ever.

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