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Banana Oatmeal Coffee Smoothie

Banana Oatmeal Coffee Smoothie

We take our smoothies seriously - taste wise and health-wise. After all about the best way to get your breakfast in a glass. Just right as well for an afternoon or post-workout pick up.

Banana oatmeal smoothies are so much more than mashed nanners, earthy grains and melt in your mouth ice. For starters, we infuse our luxury coffee pods to make an ordinary smoothie into a super coffee smoothie whose flavors dance on your tongue and fill your tummy with goodness.

Even if you hate breakfast, this can become your go-to meal in a glass.

Chock-a-block with antioxidant vitamins and other nutrients - what's there not to love?

Go Straight To The Recipe

If you look up the definition of a smoothie in the dictionary you’ll find multiple definitions including; a creamy beverage blended with milk or a person who performs with deftness.

You’ve all ran into a smoothie in your life, whether it’s the drink or a thirsty Thursday dude spewing lines like ‘Did it hurt . . . when you fell from heaven?’ 

While the smooth talking smoothie is not always appetizing, the coffee smoothie is one helluva drink that’s bound to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

At Caffe di Artisan, we specialize in 100% Arabica liquid organic coffee pods. We masterfully handcraft amazing coffee shots from world-class luxury coffee beans. The range of our coffee is vast – choose from African Heritage, Indian Noir, Peru Organique and many more.

Machine-free luxury coffee pods, artisanally extracted to perfection; poured lovingly into 100% recyclable pods – taste great and good for the environment as well.

When it comes to delicious coffee; a combination of innovation and bold flavor is the key.

It was a bright yet wintery Tuesday morning. Icicles had formed and hence, going outside for coffee or food was out of the question. But breakfast must be had without queuing up at cafes. Not a lot in the fridge, except you guessed it, a couple of bananas, some rolled oats and a carton of milk.

We also had on hand the Nilgiris Organique; a spicy and chocolatey organic coffee pod.


This is exactly how Archimedes must have felt when he discovered the truth about water and volume or when Al Gore decided to take credit for inventing the Internet. 

When you think about it coffee smoothies are not a new fad. They’ve been around quite a while.  They’ve been simply called cold coffee, iced coffee or coffee frappes.

Since that trusted moment, we’ve been giddily making these delicious organic coffee banana oatmeal smoothies and they’re always a winner. In fact, since we always have a couple of Caffè di Artisan recyclable coffee pods with us, we make them at home or outside.

Once, though, we went to the zoo and it was a not very pleasant experience.

You see, we strolled by the gorillas at the zoo with our oatmeal smoothies in hand and accidentally dripped a few sips of our beverage in their enclosure. Well… they weren’t too pleased at all with their caretakers after that.

In gorilla speak, based on our nascent understanding of the subject, they were pretty upset that all this time, there could have been delicious banana smoothies infused with organic coffee pods and they just had to settle for grinding the suckers with their teeth. More so, these were machine-free coffee pods and their keepers could have provided them with luxury coffee smoothies without breaking out into a sweat.

Imagine their fury… and your fortune. As luck would have it and you’re reading this and you have opposable thumbs . . . you are not a gorilla! Isn’t it just wonderful to be you?

Take a deep breath in. Exhale. You are a champion with limitless coffee pod choices. Applaud your existence, friend.

Since you’re elated to be alive, we’ll throw in a bonus by giving you the secret ingredients that go into making the perfect coffee smoothie.

Good Bananas

Apart from being the perfect shape for jokes, dipping into caramel, swinging peels and watching people fall – bananas are delicious. Bananas are also super-filling and super nutritious. Hungry? Grab a banana or two and your tummy will stop growling immediately.

When you take into account the high content of vitamin B6, Potassium and naturally alluring shape of a banana, blending it is always an absolutely delightful and squishy affair. You’re smart, so you probably figured that one of the key ingredients of this recipe are bananas.

Oats and Liquid Coffee

You’ve rolled with your homies, but rolling oats is next level goodness. Rolled oats are nature’s gift to your digestive system. Filled to the brim with earthy goodness, fibre and a naturally nutty flavor, they complement organic coffee pods in a yummy way. Surprised? We were too when we first discovered just how hearty a sip of this union of oats and coffee really is.

Plus our coffee pods are filled with pure, natural coffee elixir which itself gives you one of the biggest anti-oxidant boosts of your day, especially if you use our Organic coffee pods like the Nilgiris Organique or the Peru Organique.

Organic Maple Syrup

Beverages changes like seasons, but some flavors stand the test of time. Maple syrup, when added to any beverage increases its taste profile to an indulgent level.

When in doubt, add a luscious stream of the finest organic maple syrup into your coffee and you won’t be sorry.

Milk and Ice Baby

You want to know the secret to a great coffee smoothie or coffee frappé? It’s milk and ice, baby! You will need an equal amount of ice and milk to make this the perfect banana oatmeal smoothie.

The cool and bite of the ice mixed with the smoothness of the milk truly build the base for this delightful concoction.

Finally, when you blend ice, maple syrup, bananas, milk and Caffè di Artisan coffee pods, you get a truly unique flavor combination that’s loved by the young and the toothless alike.

Trust us, this will not just be a one-time affair, you’ll fall in love with this recipe and keep it on hand for many days and nights to come.

Banana Oatmeal Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Serves: 1


1 frozen banana

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup ice

1 Caffè di Artisan coffee pod

2 tablespoons yogurt

Honey or maple syrup to taste

Time: 1-2 minutes

Banana Oatmeal step 1Banana Oatmeal step 2Banana Oatmeal step 3Banana Oatmeal step 4Banana Oatmeal step 5Banana Oatmeal step 6Banana Oatmeal step 7Banana Oatmeal step 8Banana Oatmeal final


  1. Choose the Caffè di Artisan variants you would like for the smoothie.
  1. Add a frozen banana, half a cup of milk, half a cup of ice, maple syrup, 2 tablespoons yogurt and 1 Caffe di Artisan liquid luxury coffee pod

Tip: For best results, peel and cut banana into chunks before freezing

  1. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Taste for sweetness and add more maple syrup as required and blend again.

Tip: instead of maple syrup you can use sugar or homemade sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is great for cold coffee drinks, and it keeps well in the refrigerator. To make simple syrup, Add 1 cup of sugar and a cup of water to a saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes until slightly thick. Once cool, store it in an airtight glass jar.

If you want a flavored syrup, add a vanilla pod or some mint or any other flavoring to the pan.

  1. Pour into a serving glass.

Tip: while whole milk gives the richest taste there are great results with low-fat milk or vegan milks like almond or coconut milk.

If you prefer a video recipe, here it is

Looking for more smoothie recipes to give you variety every day of the week? We have you covered

Peanut Butter Espresso Smoothie

Chocolate Chia Coffee Smoothie

Chocolate and Coffee Breakfast Smoothie with Yogurt

...and there are many more cold Coffee Drinks you can make

From the basic Frappè

This is the basic Frappè recipe but if you are looking for a fancy looking (but still simple to make) range of Frappuccinos, here goes:

Salted Caramel Frappuccino

Dates Frappuccino

Strawberry Frappuccino

Berry Frappuccino

If you had an Espresso- Ice-cream combo in mind: Ice Cream with Hot Coffee (Affogato)

You can get all these recipes and many more in our free recipe book. Click here

Variants we recommend for the smoothie

Since there are a range of flavors competing for attention in the smoothie, we recommend one of the stronger variants, though the choice is entirely yours.

For a top of the world feeling, use The Nilgiris Organique: Deserving every bit of its 200+ years heritage. Organic coffee with intensity of a different scale. Flavors will burst upon your palate. Spicy woody overtones. Chocolatey undertones.

Intensity: Strong  Roast: Medium Dark

The Malabar: The fabled iconic monsoon Malabar. Unique notes of the sea. Green beans are exposed to rain-laden winds on the coast, giving it a flavor like no other.

Intensity: Strong  Roast: Medium Dark

Also good for the smoothie is:

The Vilasita, the medium dark roast Indian Noir coffee. It is a full-bodied, spicy, buttery coffee with strong, velvety feel. If you use 2 coffee pods, the intensity will be strong, one will give you mild intensity.

Not to forget, if you are a decaf drinker, or simply prefer it in the evenings, try making a smoothies with our DeCaffè. You will never be able to guess that it's decaffeinated!

Decaf smoothies are also a big hit with kids. Plus an easy way for them to get their oats and fruit.😁

Why machine- made coffee isn't The Real Deal

Machine- made coffees simply don't cut it. Their whole process (or tech, as millennials might put it) is all seriously messed up.

Coffee machines force very hot water at high pressure through delicate coffee grounds, which is the reason for the burnt and bitter taste.

This is no way to treat something so vulnerable. 

How can such violence, this savagery, yield great coffee?

Truly great coffee, extracted slowly and lovingly, does not taste bitter.

 In the Caffè di Artisan micro- filtery flavors are teased out from coffee beans over days...not forced out.

Why we invented Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods

Why Drink Yesterday's Coffee?

You treasure quality. Embrace new approaches. Value the artisanal. Care for your health, the environment.

Then why drink an outdated, unhealthy, polluting industrial product?

Caffè di Artisan was born out of rebellion. A rebellion against machine-made coffee.

Can you crush grapes in a machine and get wine?

Caffè di Artisan has re-imagined coffee. Brought back its romance.

Want to know The Secret to The Best Coffee in The World?

(But first, a bit of coffee history: Coffee was never meant to be made by machines. It started out as a slow process. But an ugly compromise, a dirty shortcut, was invented in order to mass-produce coffee: the coffee machine. The Espresso machine was patented in 1884 - It was the start of the industrialization of coffee.)

Here's the way we do it

The world's finest beans. Fresh, Gradient Roasted, Fresh Ground. Then, slow, artisanal extraction, over days in our artisanal micro-filtery.

Finally packaged into Liquid Single Serve 100% Recyclable Pods/Capsules.

Simply Gorgeous Coffee. Without Machines.

Coffee that's Rich. Smooth. Zesty. Described by Connoisseurs as being The Best Coffee In The World.

Tons of work for us. Magically effortless for you.

Enjoy Espressos, Americanos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Frappés and of course, smoothies at home, at work, in hotel rooms, on drives, hikes, picnics! This is True Liberation.

We promise you this:

Once you experience Caffè di Artisan, you won't go back to your old coffee. Ever.

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