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How to Make a Berry Frappuccino Without a Machine

How to Make a Berry Frappuccino Without a Machine

Are you berry crazy? Does the taste of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries titillate your tongue? Well you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this coffee Frappuccino featuring these delightful little treats of nature.

If ever there were a drink that was both a boost to your immune system while also giving you that extra pep in your step; it’s the Berry Frappuccino.

This is guilt-free indulgence when both the coffee and the berries are fresh and full of anti-oxidant goodness.

Go Straight To The Recipe

So, you love the Berry Frappuccino but thought till now, that you had to trudge to your local cafe to get one. Not always an appealing prospect when you are in your pyjamas on Saturday morning.

Plus you are never quite sure how much of the taste is from natural berries and how much from added synthetic syrups, flavors and essences. Not to mention that each indulgence burns a fair size hole in your pocket.

That’s exactly why you need a proper machine-free coffee Frappé/ Frappuccino recipe where you ensure everything is pure, natural and just right.

Trust us, the process is more fun than you ever imagined. We recommend turning on your favorite music and grooving while making this beautiful drink. Not that it will take more than one track to make it.

But first bit about the health packed ingredients that go into this drink.

black berry

To the Batcave!

Fun fact: Batology is the term given to the study of blackberries (yes, really!) So if you were considering changing your major of 16th century French poetry to something else – you now know that Batology is the way forward. Just think of the amount of knowledge you’ll accumulate. But if you’re not inclined to do so, here are a few fun facts about blackberries that will turn your noggin upside down:

  1. Though called black, they are actually dark blue in color.
  2. They are super rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C.
  3. They’re sometimes known to have funky names like thimbleberries and dewberries.
  4. Are you planning on being super close to someone after drinking your berry coffee frappe? Add extra blackberries… they prevent bad breath!

If we gave you any more facts on blackberries, you’d probably need to pay for a Batology certification course, so onwards! It takes more than a single berry to make this coffee at home.

black berry

Very Berry Strawberry

Strawberries are the ultimate flavor. Preferred the world over for their sexy red color, juicy texture and alluring sweetness, this is one berry that doesn’t need an intro.

Make sure your fridge is stocked with these before whipping up the berrylicious coffee frappe. They also come in handy.


Always Remember the Blueberries

All berries are ripe with health benefits. But the blueberry stands brighter than them all. When it comes to antioxidants, for instance, the blueberry ranks higher than 40 other fruits. Also, it’s history of consumption dates way back in the time machine than the coffee frappe or even coffee itself - blueberries have been munched for over 13,000 years! Last but not least, one of the more interesting health benefits linked to blueberries is their ability to help reverse memory loss caused by aging!

Now, in case you were prepping this drink for a special someone you just met that night . . . it may be helpful to throw in a bunch of extra blueberries so you can remember that name . . . when it matters most.


Pairing Berries with Organic Coffee Pods

Luxury Liquid coffee pods from Caffè di Artisan will change your life. This is gourmet coffee in recyclable coffee pods. And just right to make some yummilicious drinks.

The only real effort you have to put into them is opening them!

In drink as in life, you need to mix the wild with the earthy. The free-spirited with the disciplined. A master blend of the fresh fruits and the best coffee on the planet, this is a drink for when you want to relish life to the fullest.

Now for the recipe. It is simplicity itself:

Berry Coffee Frappuccino Recipe

Serves: 1


1 cup ice

3/4 cup mixed berries


1/2 cup milk

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1 Caffè di Artisan coffee pod


Whipped cream, Blueberries, Blackberries and Strawberries


It is literally a 1-2-3

  1. Choose which exotic Caffè di Artisan variant to choose to make the Frappuccino. This is the only part of the exercise that may take more than a couple of second’s 😊and hence we are giving our recommendations at the end of the recipe.
  1. Blend all the ingredients until frothy. Taste and add more ice cream if needed and blend again. Pour into a serving glass.
  1. Top with whipped cream.


If you prefer the recipe in video form, here goes

If you are interested in a few more delicious (and healthy) Frappuccinos and Smoothies made with our simply gorgeous coffee, here are a few other yummy recipes

Salted Caramel Frappuccino

Dates Frappuccino

Strawberry Frappuccino

Peanut Butter Espresso Smoothie

Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

Chocolate Chia Coffee Smoothie

Chocolate and Coffee Breakfast Smoothie with Yogurt

Decisions... decisions

Now for the only hard 😋 part of the Making It process: the choice of the coffee variant to make the Frappuccino.

You can choose one based on careful thought or on a whim... They are all worth trying.

The Ethiopian Asmara from the cradle of coffee, if you want to intensify the berry flavor.

Intensity: Medium Roast: Medium

The Indian Vilasita for a buttery smooth, spicy, nutty touch with tasting notes of nutmeg, pistachio and cocoa.

Intensity: Medium-strong Roast: Medium Dark

The Colombian Raro with a classic profile with strong caramelly sweetness.

Intensity: Mild Roast: Medium

The Peru Organique (USDA Certified Organic) for a sweet herbal flavor with citrusy tones.

Intensity: Medium Roast: Medium

But when you want something really special, here are our recommendations:

The Nilgiris Organique: Every bit deserving of its 200 plus years heritage. Organic coffee with intensity of a different scale. Flavors will burst upon your palate. Spicy woody overtones. Chocolaty undertones. A perfect combo with the berries

Intensity: Strong Roast: Medium Dark

The Malabar: The fabled iconic monsooned Malabar. Unique notes of the sea.

Intensity: Strong Roast: Medium Dark

Not to forget, if you are a decaf drinker, try making the Frappuccino with our DeCaffè. You will never be able to guess that it's decaffeinated!

A decaf Frappuccino is also the perfect spring/ summer drink for the kiddies! They love it and it is an easy way to get some fruit into them

Why machine- made coffee isn't The Real Deal

Machine- made coffees simply don't cut it. Their whole process (or tech, as millennials might put it) is all seriously messed up.

Coffee machines force very hot water at high pressure through delicate coffee grounds, which is the reason for the burnt and bitter taste.

This is no way to treat something so vulnerable.

How can such violence, this savagery, yield great coffee?

Truly great coffee, extracted slowly and lovingly, does not taste bitter.

In the Caffè di Artisan micro-filtery flavors are teased out from coffee beans over days...not forced out.

You can taste the difference!


Why we invented Caffè di Artisan liquid coffee pods

Why Drink Yesterday's Coffee?

You treasure quality. Embrace new approaches. Value the artisanal. Care for your health, the environment.

Then why drink an outdated, unhealthy, polluting industrial product?

Caffè di Artisan was born out of rebellion. A rebellion against machine-made coffee.

Can you crush grapes in a machine and get wine?

Caffè di Artisan has re-imagined coffee. Brought back its romance.

Want to know The Secret to The Best Coffee in The World?

(But first, a bit of coffee history: Coffee was never meant to be made by machines. It started out as a slow process. But an ugly compromise, a dirty shortcut, was invented in order to mass-produce coffee: the coffee machine. The Espresso machine was patented in 1884 - It was the start of the industrialization of coffee.)


Here's the way we do it

The world's finest beans. Fresh, Gradient Roasted, Fresh Ground. Then, slow, artisanal extraction, over days in our artisanal micro-filtery with Natural Alkaline Water from the mountains.

Finally packaged into Liquid Single Serve 100% Recyclable Pods/Capsules.

Simply Gorgeous Coffee. Without Machines.

Coffee that's Rich. Smooth. Zesty. Described by Connoisseurs as being The Best Coffee In The World.

Tons of work for us. Magically effortless for you.

Enjoy Espressos, Americanos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Frappés at home, at work, in hotel rooms, on drives, hikes, picnics! This is True Liberation. The cherry on top: unlike machine pods, our pods are 100% recyclable and widely recycled. So is our paper box.

Our production process uses minimal power and zero effluents. The only by product is coffee grounds which are composted.

Plus, zero power consumption by you (or your coffee shop) as a user. Remember, a coffee machine uses half a million watts a year in power. Yes, you read that right.

We promise you this:

Once you experience Caffè di Artisan, you won't go back to your old coffee. Ever.

Here's how to order


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